hire or upgrade your software?

Here at Wise Option, we put a lot of emphasis on the fact that we are designed for equine businesses, but what do we mean by that?

We don’t say it just because we are in the industry, we say it because our solution is truly built FOR you. We are a comprehensive software management system create specifically for veterinarians with practices of all sizes, for large animal and equine clinics, for race track vets, training facilities, and more.

So, how is it possible for us to cater to so many types of practices but also work best for your practice? Customization! Every practice is different, even if they are structured the same. No one practice is going to have the same people, the same processes, the same strengths. Not only can you help your practice by talking to the staff here at Wise Option, but also by diving in and finding out everything you love about the software.

A great way to think of Wise Option is if you hired a new member of your team and they had a toolbox with so many tools. As they pulled tools out, it was like the May Poppins purse, more just keeps coming. Different practices can choose to use these tools differently so that they make the tools work for them. How a race track vet uses the reporting system is going to be vastly different than how a mixed practice vet would. This is why it is super important to get in and play around with the system!

When you add Wise Option to your team, the opportunities to learn, try a new system, or change a process are practically endless! Just remember, we are always excited to talk to you about the amazing features that we have ready.

Custom software built for your practice