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Comprehensive practice management solution for equine reproduction and hospitals, large animal clinics, solo vets, racetracks, and more.

Revolutionizing Animal Practice Management

Since launching in 2002, Wise Option has provided veterinarians across the country with a highly productive way to manage their practices. Our founder and CEO Eduardo Almeida first developed Wise Option’s software as part of his IT master’s degree thesis.

During his studies, Eduardo noticed a real need in the horse industry for a program that could manage appointments, customers, and billing, while allowing veterinarians and their staff more time to focus on what they do best.

After developing relationships with local equine businesses, Eduardo witnessed how staff members were forced to deal with endless paperwork and carry out repetitive tasks. By February of 2002, Eduardo had launched his solution – Ranch Managers. Over the past 20 years, his vision has seen incredible success.

Eduardo took the first steps towards becoming a Microsoft Certified Partner, and as part of this process Ranch Managers was renamed Wise Option. By 2006, Wise Option had been declared a Microsoft Certified Partner – an accomplishment that we remain incredibly proud of.

At Wise Option, our software is not only designed for standard veterinary practices. In addition, we also specialize in equine reproduction and hospital management. We have helped many different types of practices gain an advantage using our software, especially when we added on these two specializations. This development laid the foundation of what is now one of our most impressive packages, combining treatment lists, complex task packaging, lab integrations, and much more.

Making life as straightforward as possible for our customers is the motivating factor behind the new developments and additions we make to our software.

In 2017, we moved Wise Option to the cloud, significantly broadening the possibilities of what we can do and who we can do it for. Today, we are proud and grateful to have firmly established ourselves as one of the market’s most comprehensive practice management solutions for vets.

Meet the Wise Option Team

Eduardo Almeida

CEO and Founder

Hi, my name is Eduardo and I am the CEO and founder of Wise Option. In 2002, while studying IT at Oklahoma City University, I created the software system, ‘Ranch Manager,’ as part of my master’s thesis.

Today, I spend much of my time visiting Wise Option customers, including vet hospitals, equine reproduction facilities, and small animal clinics, gaining valuable information to make our product even more effective.

Rachel Pagenkopp

Support and Implementation Manager

Hello, my name is Rachel and I have worked as a Support and Implementation Manager at Wise Option since 2020. As a former Wise Option user, I understand the software and its many benefits. During my previous roles at Four Sixes Ranch and UC Davis, I worked extensively with Wise Option’s practice management solution.

With a passion for working with horses and animals, I’m delighted that I have the opportunity to continue to work in the industry I love – just in a different way than before.

I’m also extremely passionate about helping clients manage their practices using software that brought so much convenience to my working life. I enjoy hiking and camping with my boyfriend and three dogs in my free time.

Shahid Mushtaq

Network and Security Manager

Hi there, my name is Shahid and since joining the Wise Option team in 2016, I have been working as Network and Security Manager. I am extremely passionate about everything technology-related and love to spend time learning about new products and developments in the tech world. I feel very proud to be a part of Wise Option and am always happy to welcome new opportunities for learning about what matters most to our clients. When I’m not exploring the latest gadgets, I love to spend my free time hiking with friends.

Lindsay Flitner

Sales Manager

Hi, I’m Lindsay Flitner! I have 13 years of experience in the equine veterinary industry and am excited to bring that perspective to my role as an account manager. In my free time, I enjoy riding my own horses and spending time outside with my husband and son.

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