Comprehensive Veterinary Practice Management Software

Multiple office management tools combined into one complete solution.

Is your outdated software system costing you time, money and valuable employees?

  • From patient management and appointment scheduling, to staff training and customer invoicing. There are many responsibilities to office management.
  • As a Veterinary practitioner, you understand that each individual sector in your practice must run smoothly for your business to achieve maximum efficiency. Staff and customer satisfaction, along with the well-being of animals you treat are all determined by how effectively the technology within your clinic operates.
  • You need a full-service solution that makes technology work for you. A solution that addresses challenges in your system and speeds up your business processes for all round speed and proficiency.

Do practice management the Wise way!

Wise Option is a comprehensive software management system created specially for veterinarians. It is one of the most well-designed solutions for practice management. Our solution specializes in large animal and equine clinics but is also an excellent option for smaller businesses such as mobile practices, training facilities, and solo vets.

With Wise Option’s management system, you can ensure you provide each client with exceptional customer service and that each animal receives the best care. We achieve this by analyzing your practice’s existing workflows and operations to customize a software solution that fits your facility’s specific set of needs.

Wise Option is a comprehensive software management system created specially for veterinarians. It is one of the moste well-designed solutions for practice management.

Vet Hospitals

Save time everyday and improve the overall flow of your vet hospital by implementing a customized software solution designed to work for you.

Equine Reproduction

Automate horse breeding, sales, invoicing, and so much more with a state-of-the-art management system.

Mobile/Solo Vets

Ideal for mobile and solo vets looking for an efficient way to manage appointments, invoices, patient files, and more.

Race Track Vets

Organize important data on the race track or from any location you choose with your own individual database and office management system.

Mixed Practice Clinics

Mixed practice clinics still take a great deal of organization, so manage your patients and keep your operations running smoothly with the wise way.

Taking care of the technical side of running a veterinary practice

Wise Option empowers veterinarians to focus on the truly important work they do. Our solution handles the technical side of running a practice, including patient management, process reviews, workflow creation, and technology adjustments.

Depending on the size of your business or enterprise we offer two separate services – Wise Option Light and Wise Option Enterprise.

Lite Plan

If you want to enhance your customer experience, improve staff satisfaction, and save time with a more efficient patient management system, the Wise Option Lite solution is for you.

Perfect for mobile practitioners, training facilities, or solo vets, Wise Option Lite is an office management system that allows you to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of your practice through patient management, invoicing, scheduling, and more.

Enterprise Plan

A comprehensive solution for larger veterinary practices, equine reproduction, and horse trainers. To become a Wise Option Enterprise Lite customer, you must undergo a qualification process, to ensure it is the right solution for you.

Once we begin working together, we’ll simplify your company’s entire operations by creating a customized office management system that saves you time, money, and valuable resources.

Most clients have been with Wise Option for 10+ years


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