The Key to Giving Your Patients the Best Care Possible

When it comes to animal hospitals, everything is always moving. But sometimes, things are moving so fast and the technology cannot keep up, which is where mistakes can be made.

As you can imagine, this is a huge issue. We need to be making quick, informed decisions so that educated action can be made, getting all of the information at hand to the decision makers in the most efficient way possible.

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Ultimately, this quick process is all about horse welfare. At Wise Option, we have your back as a hospital, because we share the common interest of wanting the best for your patients. That’s why our lab integration builds a bridge of communication between outside labs and machines sitting on the counters.

Our solution allows for vets to be faster with services, more accurate in their decision-making, and for your patients to receive the best care. We always say that the best solutions talk to each other, and that is exactly what Wise Option does with other platforms. Submitting information, running tests, and receiving results can all be done without ever leaving Wise Option.

Wise Option ICSI Lab Integration

Not only that, but the platform will automatically alert the vets once the results are received and ready to be uploaded. And even better, those results can be attached to patient files, allowing for easy access. Now you aren’t forced to look at everything from your computer, and you can access anything from anywhere!

Automation is a beautiful thing that can really elevate your hospital. Since all of this allows for faster decisions, horses will have better moments, better days, and a better life. Ask yourself: how much of my hospital is automated?

Best Care Possible for horses and pets

The Secret to Why Your Practice May Not Be Working Efficiently

That’s right. We’re here to let you in on a little secret, and we’re utilizing stallion management to help us paint the picture. We know, stallion management is one of the most overwhelming aspects for many practices. We’re here to tell you that the grass can be greener, as long as you are on the right side!

So, stallion management. One of the most complex operations that practice can take on. There are so many moving pieces. You have to coordinate with customers, equalize internal procedures, and always make sure that you are keeping track of timelines.

Because, whether you like it or not, when FedEx comes with your delivery, you need to be ready.

reduce paper records at your vet practice

When it comes to stallion management organization, it is essential that you are functioning at a high level. When you have many stallions, it becomes virtually impossible to stay organized with just an excel spreadsheet. If you are managing more than three stallions without a solution, your business is not operating as efficiently as it could.

Here’s why: something is bound to give. Whether you are unable to collect money properly, you are late on registration papers, or you are not prepared when FedEx shows up, stallion management is too difficult of a process to neglect on investment.

When you are disorganized with stallion management, you risk sending things to the wrong address, crossing DNA, etc., and those are huge mistakes that can cost your business.

A solution like Wise Option will allow you to have a great system that you can build off of. Once you start, you will construct internal methodologies, standard operating procedures, and protocols that your staff will be able to pick up. In the end, it will not only keep everything organized, but also help you run more efficiently.

At Wise Option, it is our job to shorted the distance between the start and end of the process and make sure the genetic signature is respected. There is a reason we say that we are your wisest option.

efficiency delivered - stallion management

Speaking Your Accountant’s Language

At Wise Option, we believe that specialization is key. Specializing helps you fine-tune your craft, keep customers happy, and ultimately bring in more income.

Just as you specialize, we do as well, and so does your expense tracking system. We have found that many of the users that work with Wise Option used QuickBooks to track their expenses. So how does this work now that they are using our software for their practice?

Wise Option Quickbooks integration

Well, we specialized! There are many amazing things about QuickBooks, but it was not designed for veterinary practices. Many places end up making tons of workarounds after they realize that QuickBooks is not doing everything they need, which makes for unnecessary headaches, complicated processes, and sometimes even money falling through the cracks.

Our specialization included working with our customers’ needs and identifying their pain points, instead of reinventing the wheel. They didn’t need a place to track their revenue, they need software that would show clean statements and invoices, all while also tracking their income. Because of this, we took the time to make a QuickBooks integration so that QuickBooks can do what they do best and we can help cater their system to our customers.

Wise Option speaks your language, and QuickBooks speaks your accountant’s language. We made it so that we can speak to QuickBooks, so that it is easier on you. Not only do you get brand new software that tracks income and gives you clean invoices, but we are not going to make you give up your expense tracking system. We will simply give that system some TLC so it works even better for you.

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