Don’t Be Deceived: Characteristics of a Real, True Cloud Solution

If you are shopping around for a cloud service provider, let us help with your research. With many different cloud software platforms on the market, it can be difficult to not only decide on one but to also determine which are and aren’t true cloud solutions.

This is where we come in. Not only are we here to talk about Wise Option, but also talk about what you should look for when you are deciding on software for your business. You don’t need to be super technical and understand the ins and outs of programming to make this decision. Look out for these characteristics to ensure that you are not being deceived.

At Wise Option, we offer our software on a mobile and desktop app, as well as on a web browser. In short, there are two components to our Solution: the software and the database. When you are working within the apps or browser, whatever populates on your screen is known as the software. Clicking buttons, typing text, and switching between tabs all happen here. The database comes into play when you hit save, as everything is stored here. Your database is inside the cloud, in a specific server and repository.

The reason why we are harping on this is that, as we have mentioned, some programs can be deceiving. Some places simulate a cloud without having a true cloud. In these cases, the software and the database will be in the same place. When you are searching for a secure cloud, there is a large data center that only manages the database.

Here is a question to ask: Is your business creating a virtual machine and installing everything or are you partnered with a data server?

This is important because if they are creating it themselves versus outsourcing with a data server, you are not protected as it is not a true cloud. Data servers provide policies around redundancies, firewalls, encryption, and security. If you are investing in this for your business, you want to make sure that your data is safe.

A good rule of thumb is if the company offers a web browser option, you are most likely looking at a true cloud solution.

At Wise Option, we offer just this to support your business. Even though we have three different platforms, all of your data is going to sync to the same place. Do you usually prefer the desktop app but need to input something into the mobile version? No problem. You can access all of your data from any of these places.

When you find yourself shopping for your business, it is important to stay alert and informed. Ask the right questions and do your research. In the end, the elements of security, mobility, and efficiency will truly pay off.

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