Do More, in Less with Wise Option Integrations

At Wise Option, we are always finding new ways to eliminate redundancies.

The fact of the matter is, they result in a waste of time and money. We want to make our users’ practices are efficient and profitable. One of the many ways that we help to achieve that is through software integration.

Do More, in Less with Wise Option Integrations

Animals’ Health

For all of our racetrack clients, because we know it is quite literally a race to the finish line! Share documents faster and have a quicker turnaround time while upholding all of the guidelines and rules with our HISA integration.

With the global vet link integration, you will always be upto-date on the status of patients. Check the location, health, and movement of patients at your practice.

Partnering with one of the global leaders in animal healthcare solutions allows us to store and see various testing records. From pathogen and antigen testing to standard urinalyses, you are able to see many research records through Wise Option.

Parasite defense, heartworm defense, itch relief. When it has to do with pet and animal care, Zoetis is one of the best. Our integration allows for easy checks and balances when it comes to patient medicine and vaccination.

Cash Flow

Payment Innovators
One thing that can really dictate the speed at which your business operates is your billing and payment processes. With this integration, Wise Option is PCI compliant and able to handle many billing needs.

Wise Option speaks your language, and QuickBooks speaks your accountant’s language. We made it so that we can speak to QuickBooks, so that it is easier on you. Not only do you get brand new software that tracks income and gives you clean invoices, but we are not going to make you give up your expense tracking system. We will simply give that system some TLC so it works even better for you.

TekCollect (Coming Soon)
Your Partner in maintaining healthy accounts receivable for your practice.


The Docusign integration allows you to send important paperwork and contracts to those that need so sign them. Easily input information and send off to breeders, patient owners, and more, all while using data that is stored in Wise Option. 

Built-in Tools Designed for Team

Seamless and Secure Data Management

ICSI and Aspiration Labs
Tired of slow communication between your practice and labs? This integration mixed with our solution allows for results to be shared and stored quickly and efficiently. 

Ask us about PACS!

At Wise Option, we have our own collaborative, photo archiving system and cloud repository for customer use. This is shared across all three applications: desktop, mobile, and web browser. This way, you can choose to take pictures on your phone and upload them into the mobile app, but then access them on your computer when that is more convenient. Seamlessly transition from one device to another!

Make life easier with Wise Option practice management solution.

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