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Built upon user feedback and customized to each user’s specific needs, Wise Option is leading the way for practice management software in the veterinary field.

  • Guaranteed customer privacy
  • Unbeatable equine reproduction management system
  • Tailored mobile solution
  • Teamwork made easy

Wise Option’s Unique Features Help It Surpass Similar Products On The Market

Wise Option not only possesses more features than similar practice management software on the market but it goes above and beyond to protect the data of its users with complete cloud privacy.

Wise Option Covetrus Pulse
(formerly Evet)
Ezyvet HVMS
Business Reporting
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Hospital Inpatient Management
Inventory Management
Mass Management
Mobile App
Patient Data Files
Practice Whiteboard
Prescription Management
Reproduction Partial
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Task / Procedure Automation
User Support

M-F 9am to 5pm CST

Extended hours during breeding season.

After hours emergency box monitored 24/7

M-F | 8am – 5pm CST 24/7 E-mail and Phone Support M-F | 7am – 6pm CST
Pricing Starts at $99/ month for Wise Option Lite Not publicly disclosed $199 /month for every user $375 for all non-veterinarian users, plus $165/month per each revenue generating veterinarian

*Last updated: December 1, 2022

The Benefits Of Choosing Wise Option For Your Practice Management Needs

Equine Reproduction

With a management system designed hand in hand with some of the most well-respected equine breeders in the field – Wise Option offers an equine reproduction solution that is second to none. Over the years, our team has tailored the system to the specific needs of equine breeders.

This next-level reproduction feature allows the elimination of paper records for a more efficient way to handle reproduction and billing. Our competitors continue to offer a service where embryo management and other important components of reproduction management all must be done on paper or as notes.

Wise Option’s reproduction management software further simplifies processes for our clients by offering two separate reproduction systems: mare management and stallion management. Each system has a separate set of customized features to suit our client’s specific reproduction needs.

Complete Cloud Privacy

At Wise Option, we respect the privacy of our customers. That’s why we proudly offer complete cloud privacy where users can rest assured their data is protected from third parties. Many of our competitors can not say the same as they sell their users’ data to big pharma corporations.

Unlike our competitors, we also offer our customers an individual database where all their information is stored separately from other Wise Option users. As every practice has its own dedicated server, the risk and impact of a cybersecurity attack is vastly reduced.

Focus On Teamwork

At Wise Option, we understand the importance of teamwork when it comes to running a successful veterinary practice. This is why we offer several tools that make it easy for everyone in the practice to stay on the same page.

Wise Option offers unique features you won’t find anywhere else, including Tab Sharing, which allows users to pass all open records over to their co-workers’ computers. This makes it simple for information to be transferred at the end of a shift or during an emergency.

We also offer a feature that allows separate practices using Wise Option to communicate with one another. This two-way communication system is a convenient solution when two practices need to collaborate.

Built On User – Feedback

Wise Option has a distinct advantage over competitors because our system is built upon user feedback. We believe no one knows better than those using the software how it performs and how it can be improved.

Before updating Wise Option at the end of every year, we work closely with customers and listen to their feedback. We take what our customers have to say seriously. Every Wise Option feature has been designed with our users’ feedback in mind.

Hospital & Inpatient Management

Wise Option proudly offers customers a next-level hospital and impatient management feature. Unlike most of our competitors, we provide everything hospitals need to manage inpatients in one secure location. Users can easily manage treatment plans, billing, inventory, and more.

With this straightforward approach to inpatient management, our customers can offer their patients the highest quality of care.

From tracking patient history and progress to creating customer discharge instructions and treatment plans – Wise Option’s inpatient management feature is hard to beat.

True Cloud And True Mobile Solutions

Wise Option’s true cloud solution allows users to access their practice’s software and data from remote locations whether it be it on the race track or visiting with a patient.

We also offer a true mobile app tailored for the unique needs of mobile vets and reproduction facilities in the field. It allows users to access patient files, add relevant information, perform udder checks, review daily worksheets, and much more.

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