Removing Redundancies: How Wise Option Can Help Streamline Your Systems

Redundancies out the door with Wise Option

It is no secret that having a strong handle on each individual part of your practice is going to help your practice run smoothly. However, having all of the sectors of your business work in tandem can be a harder task than it sounds. That’s where Wise Option comes in!

There are so many moving pieces to your practice: vet techs, billing, office managers, and more! One complaint that we hear from a lot of new or potential clients is that there is a lack of efficiency due to communication issues, time, and a lack of systems, but it doesn’t have to be this way!

Sometimes more is not always better. If you have multiple inputs of the same piece of data, the same patient, or even the same bill, it can get very confusing and slopping. This is why Wise Option’s cloud-based solution can help. Our full-service solution allows for whoever is addressing the changes on the computer, tablet, or phone to be the only one that has to! The changes are addressed in the system, it reflects immediately to anywhere you have it open, and it speeds up your business processes!

Less paper clutter with Wise Option

Wise Option eliminates the need for things to exist on paper and get passed to multiple people before they ever get into the computer. Gone are the days where a veterinarian sees a patient, writes everything down, gives it to a vet tech who then puts some information in, and then maybe they give it to the front desk, who puts some information in, and so on. You can see where this can get messy very quickly!

Ultimately, that messiness leads to slow processes and time that could have been better used taking care of clients, focusing on other admin work, and more! But luckily, you don’t have to live that life anymore. Get ready for a new and improved level of proficiency among your whole staff when you adopt Wise Option!

improved proficiency with Wise Option

Automation: The Key to Giving Your Patients the Best Care Possible

When it comes to animal hospitals, everything is always moving. But sometimes, things are moving so fast and the technology cannot keep up, which is where mistakes can be made.

As you can imagine, this is a huge issue. We need to be making quick, informed decisions so that educated action can be made, getting all of the information at hand to the decision makers in the most efficient way possible.

Ultimately, this quick process is all about horse welfare. At Wise Option, we have your back as a hospital, because we share the common interest of wanting the best for your patients. That’s why our lab integration builds a bridge of communication between outside labs and machines sitting on the counters.

Our solution allows for vets to be faster with services, more accurate in their decision-making, and for your patients to receive the best care. We always say that the best solutions talk to each other, and that is exactly what Wise Option does with other platforms. Submitting information, running tests, and receiving results can all be done without ever leaving Wise Option.

Not only that, but the platform will automatically alert the vets once the results are received and ready to be uploaded. And even better, those results can be attached to patient files, allowing for easy access. Now you aren’t forced to look at everything from your computer, and you can access anything from anywhere!

Automation is a beautiful thing that can really elevate your hospital. Since all of this allows for faster decisions, horses will have better moments, better days, and a better life. Ask yourself: how much of my hospital is automated?